Platform for Auto services

  • Intuitive interface

  • Online platform for automotive companies

  • The main tool for the successful daily work of the company

  • Quick setup of all car service processes.

Unique features
and advantages of the platform

Hybrid form of order management

Allows you to use the Platform for both service stations and car dealerships.

Automatic selection of spare parts necessary for work

Choose the necessary work - the platform will automatically select original spare parts. Add the part number to the cart, get prices and select the appropriate offer.

Automatic check of spare parts in the order for applicability to the vehicle

Checking the compliance of the selected part with the client's car - eliminates the wrong selection of spare parts.

Automatic check of spare parts in the basket for applicability to the car.

Verification of the compliance of the selected part with the client's car - 100% guarantee of the correct selection of spare parts.

Spare parts for maintenance - the most popular spare parts for cars with one click.

All the necessary spare parts for car maintenance in one place.

Full VIN decoding

Accurate identification by the service of the user's car allows you to set unambiguous information for each spare part - number, name, installation location on the diagram.

Built-in catalogs - original, non-original, oils, tires, maintenance, etc.

Regular updates keep our catalogs among the most complete on the market.

Built-in cross base

The service provides data on crosses, original replacements, characteristics of parts, applicability of parts. Ability to manage synonyms and brand names

Platform functionality

Work calendar

An effective tool for planning and managing the loading of posts with the ability to monitor the status of repairs.


Accounting and movement of goods on staorages with the ability to set a minimum quantity for each product.

Order management

All the necessary information is summarized in one form with the ability to easily manage the work order.


A convenient way to make a preliminary offer to a client, with which he will definitely return to you. Any cost estimate quickly turns into an order.


Customer base with service history for all customer vehicles. Quick creation of an order directly from the customer's card.


Information on customer cars: accurate identification of a car by VIN number, service history, transition to the OEM catalog, spare parts for maintenance.

Cross management

Software service for the aftermarket of auto parts, provides data on crosses, original replacements, characteristics of parts, applicability of parts.

Spare parts pricing

Quick search for offers of original parts and replacements from your stock.

List of works and standard hours

Data for estimating the cost of repair and maintenance of a car: quick calculation, selection of spare parts and creation of an order.


Tool for tracking business indicators: calls, orders, sales of works and spare parts, production of craftsmen and much more.

Online appointment widget

The service for online appointment allows customers to book time and service in a convenient form via the Internet.


Get customer requests from all sources (widget, advertising companies) in one place.

SMS informing

The service of communication with the client allows you to quickly notify about the status of the application, order, work.

SMS informing

Assign and allocate rights to employees based on their needs.


HIT Tariff "Garage"
Tariff "Service station"
Tariff "Chain of Service station"
€ 100
€ 300
€ 600
Create Work Orders
Repair time standards
SMS informing clients
Aftermarket service
Online booking/order widget
Employees online
Number of franchisees
Automatic order and cart check
Maintenance parts
Automatic selection of spare parts for repairtime
Applicability of parts